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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Media Slaves #1 Our Debut - User Generated Content?

What's in a name? Or label? How do the labels that we use or that are used by others impact mainstreaming of new media and perceptions of what blogs, podcasts, and video blogs/podcasts and other new media are about?

listen now 38 mins.

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Just listed to the inaugural episode and have some feedback for you - for what it's worth...

First off, big congratulations for initiating Media Slaves! I wish you much success.

General feedback:

- I really liked how you had Nicole from Germany on your podcast roster. Not having an all American panel made it more interesting to me as a listener, because I'm curious how other countries are engaging with podcasting.

- The podcast notes were helpful - I skimmed those and then listened to the podcast. I think the reason they helped me was to prepare me for what I was about to listen to. They also made me more curious because they weren't totally recapping what was said (they acted as "teasers").

- Plus the notes were written in an entertaining way (I was curious when I read "Nicole channels Darth Vader through a mystery of Skype." and then laughed out loud when it happened on the podcast. I'm kind of glad you left that goof on the podcast, as it provides an illustration that these things can and do happen, and people shouldn't be afraid of them happening.)

- I thought Debi was pretty good as moderator. You stepped back and let the others talk after the initial introductions, plus you steered the conversation in a fairly adept way. If you don't notice the moderator doing too much "moderating", that's a pretty good sign.

Content feedback:

- Another part that made me laugh was when someone complained that Debi only mentioned the East and West Coast, omitting the MidWest, and Debi said, "Oh, well, you guys are out there... picking corn."

- As a newbie I find the variety of labels confusing, so I tend to think the first podcast topic was well-chosen, at least for this one listener!

- I thought "podcast" had nothing to do with "Ipod"...

- Marianne's "Wild Wild West" comment was a helpful analogy for me. I'd like to read more about that. How are these issues being sorted out? Lots of land was in the public domain during that time - fodder for a blog post, perhaps...

- And I found Nicole's opinion about the term "social media" (he's promoting it "because it's hip") extremely interesting, because it touched on the politics of language and how people coin terms to make them "sexy" and marketable (esp. in the technology industry). Plus it seemed like she wasn't afraid to ruffle some feathers.

- "Have you been following the conversation?" Very very funny moment, because there was an uncomfortable pause prior to it.

Some techical/design feedback:

- I liked that you added the four photos of the participants, although it does make the site a bit more cluttered. Still, I think I'd rather be able to see who is talking than not...

- Loved the music at the beginning, which really gears the listener up for the show. Nice touch.

- I'd love for Media Slaves to offer crib notes on these different terms, with a brief definition and perhaps information on the origin of the term (e.g., "user-generated content" came from Yahoo and other companies, correct...?)

- Small technical thing: I normally like the slowly moving banner, but found it hypnotic and distracting during the podcast. I tried to stop the movement using that little I/O thing on the left-hand side, but it only sped their procession up! What is that little button supposed to do...?

- Would suggest maybe putting links to each of the participants' and moderator's blogs on the sidebar, or, if you don't want to clutter up the page, you could link html to each of your photos...

I look forward to next week's podcast.


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Thanks so much for taking the time to listen so thoughtfully and to take the addtional time to share your observations and insights...very much appreciated!

We will be continuing the discussion about the various labels and their applications in future podcasts....stay tuned.

Thanks again,

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous #  


I second that, SD. Thanks for sharing what we did right and where we can improve. The time you took to share your impressions is truly appreciated.

Adding a button to stop the crawl is an interesting idea. I'll add that to my to do list. Bare with me as that list is getting long, but I or one of the other Media Slaves will get around to it.

The links are on the page. It's a game to figure out where the button is to expose them. It's like an easter egg.

Thanks very much!

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This is EXCELLENT!!! I really like the group and the idea. I'm already a big fan of Zadi, and of course Nicole is awesome. Sometimes I do feel like my life is in permanent beta. Nicole sounds really funky in the beggining. Cool audio filter or just slaves to betas?

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Hi Gabe, thanks for the kudos and kind words. Yes, the weirdness with Nicole's voice is a Skype artifact. Pardon our mess as we are constantly remodeling.

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