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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Welcome to Media Slaves

Media Slaves is a roundtable podcast produced by Debi Jones, Zadi Diaz, Marianne Richmond and Nicole Simon.

We are taking on topics that arise when anyone and everyone can be a publisher, producer or media mogul.

The name Media Slaves comes from a mashup of the "slave generated content" label and social media. There are many if not all Web 2.0 companies and some communities that look at "user generated content" as their property. Merely a read of the TOS (Terms of Use) and EULAs (End User License Agreements) from corporate users of user generated content like Yahoo! proves that point. If we are preceived as free labor to companies, then we - as slaves, speaks to their desire to leave us out of the value chain and revenues. We are slaves because of our addiction to producing and consuming the many forms of conversational media.

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I love the name. "Dream Team" would have worked too. But then again, I'm biased: For anyone interested in seeing these women work together in another medium, check out BlogHer.org's Blogging & Social Media channel where Zadi, Nicole, Marianne and Debi share their insights in text.

Count this listener in!

Posted by Anonymous Lisa Stone #  


Right ON -- as I just posted at BlogHer, count me in as a slave to the Media Slaves. I am really excited about this blog and this podcast. Media Slaves is the latest media entity formed by women who met through BlogHer. And as someone who has read these women as Blogher's Blogging and Social Media editors, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Debi - the design is truly gorgeous. I didn't realize Web design was among your many talents. Is there any chance we will see the BlogHer hermoticon among the icons in your crawl?

Thanks Marianne - Congrats and see, erm, hear you Tuesday! Now I'm off to post this on your blog...

Posted by Anonymous Lisa Stone #  


Looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to becoming addicted to your podcasts! WOO HOO!!

Posted by Anonymous Nancy White #  


Thanks for the well wishes and support, Lisa. As for the Blogher icon or logo, we should discuss that.

Nancy, you're the best! Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous mobilejones #  


Ditto the great name! With 4 great bloggers this is sure to be additive. Congrats.

Posted by Anonymous Toby #  


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