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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Slave Tool - VoiceIndigo

Debi a.k.a. Mobile Jones interviews Peter K. Lee, CTO of VoiceIndigo about their service which provides the delivery of audio podcasts to mobile phones. VoiceIndigo also includes Podsense which connects advertisers to podcasts, and implements click-to-call revenue sharing and click-to-call connections to podcast feedback lines.

Nicole has been very busy lately helping to organize Podcastday 2006 in Cologne, Germany. It seems that one of the problems Peter and I discussed on simplifying listener interaction was discussed by a panel at the conference. If you are mobile when you listen, why would the answer be more PC browser tools? If podcasts work because they are time shifted why would real time call participation (Skypecast) be the answer? Think mobile! ...especially when the activity is mobile.

Media Slaves uses Voiceindigo and if our listeners have any feedback or experience to share it would be greatly appreciated.

listen now 40 mins.

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