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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Media Slaves - Vloggercon

Fortunately, I got a new mic which should provide clearer sound quality than the $15 headset I was using. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much popping and breath noise I was creating. My bad. It'll be better next time...promise.

Schlomo Rabinowitz one of the organizers of Vloggercon 2006 is our guest, and talks about the conference and his, um....personal life. It's a fun show.

listen now Part I: 26 mins.

listen now Part II: 25 mins.

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Show notes

Dear Audience

What are your thoughts on producing, viewing vlogs or on Schlomo's chances of getting laid? You can voice your thoughts, ask questions or offer us sponsorship/advertising using one of these 3 methods.

1. Call us and leave a message: +1 775 599 4008, your comment may be played on a future show
2. Email Media Slaves

3. Or just leave a comment below.

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comview...this application that you talked about that was on mobile monday...is there some link on the web?

second, why as a vlogger wouldnt he get a nseries phone? how can he be a prominent vlogger--how can he be an authority on vlogging if he even has no clue about mobile? he's loosing points in my eyes on this one...

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